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Men’s & Ladies Watches

At Garland Jewelers we care a variety of styles and brands of watches. Come by our showroom in downtown Renton and check out current inventory! We also offer watch repair, stop by for a quote!

seiko-logo Seiko – The history of Seiko Watches is a 130 year story of innovation.  Thanks to a continuous stream of industry leading innovations over the decades, the company has established, and has maintained its position as a world leader in the technology of time. Today Seiko is a true “manufacture”. Making all its own components from advanced ICs to balance springs, and it is the only “manufacture” with 4 watch making technologies: mechanical, quartz, kinetic and spring drive.
sultana Sultana – Sultana Watches are part of the heart of Swiss Watch making history.  The Sultana Company was founded in 1937. Every Sultana watch is a distillation of master craftsmanship that has been handed down through generations.  Their classical and elegant design, the supreme production quality and their high degree of technical perfection are the successful ingredients to create authentic and timeless pieces. They are also proud sponsors of the Seattle Seahawks!

Garland – Garland Watches are manufactured by a highly respected manufacturer of popular priced, high quality timepieces.  For over 65 years, these watches are either Made in the USA from Swiss parts, or 100% Swiss Made.